A durable power of attorney is a valuable document whereby one person appoints another person to act as his or her attorney-in-fact. The person serving need not be an attorney so, to some extent, the term “attorney” is a misnomer. The powers of the person acting on behalf of the other must be specifically set forth in the document.

Powers should be broad enough to include gifting (in case long-term care planning becomes necessary in the future) and should not include gifts to the appointed person, although such gifts may be made perhaps only with the consent of a third party. The Law Firm of Lindsay Savona can help you draft a durable power of attorney that is generally inexpensive (about $250 or less) and will assure your proceedings remain private.

Health Care Proxies – Medical Durable Powers Of Attorney

Connecticut Health Care Proxy Lawyers

Everyone has the right to make his or her own medical decisions. Unfortunately, circumstances may arise whereby an individual cannot communicate that decision. It is for this reason that a health care proxy is recommended.