Child Custody

The Law Office of Savona & Saunders LLC is dedicated and diligent when helping Connecticut mothers and fathers who are dealing with child custody issues. We can provide you with a free consultation so you can learn your legal rights.

When you decide to separate or divorce decisions will have a significant impact on your children. In Connecticut, child custody is based on the best interests of the child. If the two parties in a divorce cannot agree on a child custody arrangement, they will be ordered to mediation to try and resolve the issue. Sometimes child custody disputes cannot be resolved through mediation, and the court will issue a temporary child custody order based on the recommendations of the mediator or a Guardian Ad Litem. Both you and your spouse have a right to a child custody trial before the court will issue a final order. The Law Office of Savona & Saunders L.L.C. is thoroughly familiar with Connecticut State family law regarding parenting and custody.

In determining who will have primary physical custody of the children, one of the factors the court considers is which parent is more likely to allow frequent and continuing visitation (called parenting time) with the other parent. Our child custody attorney will work with you to develop a parenting plan that will allow both the parents and the children to adjust to the parents’ separation. We generally also encourage the parties to seek counseling for our clients and their children if it is deemed needed. At the Law Office of Savona & Saunders L.L.C. we are committed to navigating you through every step of a child custody action. We approach our cases with intensity and respect, and we recognize our responsibility and concern not only to our clients, but also to assist in promoting and protecting the best interests of children involved.

We can help resolve all types of legal custody & physical issues such as: