Child Support

Divorcing or separated parents often find that child support issues cause the most conflict. Making sure you and your child have financial support is extremely important. It is essential to have an attorney that will compassionately advocate for the enforcement and collection of child support on behalf of the child and the parent, while keeping their best interests in mind. Part of the child support process is making sure your child support rights are correctly calculated based on your income. Our attorneys will help make sure that all child support payments are accurately calculated and enforced. Contact the Law Offices of Savona & Saunders for a free consultation and for more information on child support obligations.

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Spousal Support (Alimony)

The issue of spousal support, or alimony, is a difficult subject that comes up in many divorce cases. Alimony creates a debtor/creditor relationship between you and your spouse and leaves a lasting connection between both of you until the obligation for alimony ends. There are several types of alimony: temporary (during the divorce case), rehabilitative (to enable a party to become retrained, educated, and self-sufficient), bridge-the-gap, permanent, and lump sum. A party may be entitled a combination of these types of alimony, depending upon one party’s need for alimony and the other party’s ability to pay alimony. Many times, we must take an in depth look into the parties’ actual income and available assets, the marital standard of living, and other complex issues. If you need help in calculating a fair and sufficient amount of alimony, contact The Law Office of Savona & Saunders today.

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